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Auto Glass Service in St. Louis, Missouri

All Encompassing Service

Scheduling auto repairs into your busy schedule is inconvenient enough as it is, and when a mechanic tells you that they can’t help, or that you’ll have to go somewhere else, it can get frustrating. At Martin Glass, we offer glass repairs and replacements for all your vehicles, so you can be sure you’ll get the help you need. Swing by one of our shops today to request a repair.

Crack and Chip Repair

It’s common for bugs, small rocks or hail to cause slight damage to the windows of your vehicle. At Martin Glass, we offer crack and chip repair services so we can keep those easy fixes from becoming bigger problems down the road.

Windshield and Side Door

Windshield damage, if left unresolved, can end up costing you big bucks later on, not to mention the risks it poses to your safety. Thankfully, most minor windshield and window glass damages can be repaired quickly and easily. We also do full windshield and side door glass replacement.

Commercial Trucks

Many large commercial vehicles carry heavy equipment and machinery. In order to keep the truck driver and all surrounding drivers safe, it’s important to make sure nothing impairs your vision, including cracks in the windshield. We can replace the glass in your commercial truck if you need.

Recreational Vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicles

Damage to your off-road vehicle’s glass doesn’t need to be complicated. Although most auto shops will charge a pretty penny for specialty glass replacements, at Martin Glass, we’re prepared to provide you with an affordable, quality replacement.

Classic Car Care

Vintage vehicles should be handled with gentle care. After all, these cars aren’t just beautiful, they’re classic. That’s why our team of experts performs all repairs and services with the utmost care and caution. Rest easy, your car is in good hands. We can fully replace the glass if you need.

Insurance Claims

Many insurance companies will cover the cost of auto repairs and upkeep, but the process often leaves you frustrated. At Martin Glass, we’ll work directly with your insurance company, taking the stress and hassle off your shoulders.