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Ideas for Incorporating Glass and Mirrors Into Shabby Chic Décor

Glass Table Top
Shabby chic is a popular décor style because it's so easy to personalize. The style is essentially a cross between farmhouse and cottage décor. The goal is to create a casual, personal effect seemingly out of found items. To that end, the décor style may seem daunting. One of the elements that can help you pull all of the other décor items together is the usage of glass and mirrors.

Glass Table Top

Protector A common décor item for shabby chic rooms is a wooden accent table or desk. Keeping with the found item theme, the table or desk should feature a distressed finish. If designers can't find a table with the ideal level of worn-away finish, they often recommend manually wearing it away to create a timeworn appearance.
The table or desk should start out looking well-loved. However, when you're already starting with a distressed finish, the finish itself doesn't offer as much protection to the wood. It requires help. To that end, if you're planning on using your accent table or desk, have a piece of custom glass cut to protect the surface.
The glass protector should be thin enough to let the table's beauty show through. Such glass protectors are usually anchored using clear silicone tabs. Overall, the thin veneer of the glass protector helps your décor feel more polished and put together.

Glass Display Shelves

The personalization of shabby chic décor often comes with the curios you display. The décor items should look like things found in your grandmother's attic or the local flea market. However, even if you choose the curios from the local décor store, you want an attractive method for displaying them. Glass shelving is an ideal display method.
One of the benefits of incorporating glass shelving into shabby chic décor is it lightens up the overall look. Shabby chic décor features a lot of wood and ceramic, both of which carry visual weight. Instead of adding more visual weight with wood shelving, glass shelves let the curios take center stage.
Another big advantage of using glass shelving is you have customization options. The glass shelves rest on brackets, which can be a variety of materials. You can choose distressed wood so that you get both the target material and the light factor of glass. Ornamental iron, especially with a distressed white finish, is another popular choice for shelving brackets.

Decorative Mirror

Professional decorators commonly recommend using mirrors to add beauty and light to any décor style. Indeed, mirrors are popular in the shabby chic style. As with other décor pieces, shabby chic mirror frames and even glass usually feature a distressed finish. Likewise, the frames are often ornate.
Again, you could try to hunt down a mirror in the right size and style. Or you could consider having a mirror custom-created to your specifications. You can have the ideal mirror for your space created with a customized ornate, but aged frame.
Placement is important for your shabby chic mirror. Because of the frame, the mirror will take center stage. You'll want to find a location for the mirror that ensures it reflects some specific aspect of the rest of the décor since it will draw the eye.
For example, designers often aim to create vignettes with the found objects. They'll cluster the objects together to create a sense of whimsy while still carefully curating proportions. You can magnify the beauty of such a vignette by placing the mirror so it reflects the scene.
The mirror itself can also be part of such a vignette. A common place for hanging a mirror is above a mantle. You could place the mirror close enough to the surface of the mantle so it displays a clear connection. From there, you'll add curios such as candlesticks and statues to create your vignette.
Utilize glass and mirrors to pull the disparate elements of shabby chic décor together in your home. Martin Glass can provide the customized glass and mirrors needed for your vision. Contact us today.